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saw machine in line by cut wood plywood
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Plywood cutting machine

Brief Introduction:

Our plant Saw-edge microcomputer control, high degree of automation, the use of automatic stacking, saving manpower and resources. Infrared control, sawing precision, small error, high degree of automation, large output the automatic saw by infrated positioning, pre plate device, vertical saw car, sawn lengthwise dolly pressing mechanism, sawn lengthwise car chain transmission part, a slitting saw head, crosscut frame, crosscut car, cross cutting saw head,crosscut car chain transfer part, automatic stacking device, the whole action by the PLC control, the realization of automatic cutting and stacking of the saw, divided into 3*6 feet, 4*8 feet two specifications, power 5.5kw, 7.5kw, 11kw three specifications.

saw machine in line by cut wood plywoodsaw machine in line by cut wood plywood