Veneer Composer Stitching Machine
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As the name implies, the toothing machine in the board factory is naturally the equipment used in the factory such as man-made ecological board. Many plywood factories may not know exactly what the machine is and what its purpose is. Today, I will introduce the machine in detail.
As we all know, most plywood sizes are 1220 × 2440mm. Considering the economy of wood, the middle plates are all cut into 1270mm long.
However, in order to make a 2440MM long plywood, two 1270MM short medium boards must be vertically spliced into a 2490MM long medium board. Before the tooth splicer was introduced, plywood factories used the oblique grinding and lapping process for longitudinal lengthening.

veneer finger jointer machine wood veneer wrapping machine
The machine is mainly used for the production of three-ply board,sandwich board, LVL,floor substrate, furniture panel, building
film face board, container board, Melamine Faced Board etc, and it can also be used for the vertical splicing of rotary cut median plate with the thickness of 0.5-5.0mm.this changes the traditional manual decking technology and makes plywood decking unitized and automatic.

Veneer Composer Stitching MachineVeneer Composer Stitching Machine